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SEGA-05: Program Overview



*** Abstract Submission July 15, 2016 (Updated!!!)
*** How to prepare a paper for submission to the SEGA-05 International Conference. >> paper-format-guide[sega05] <<

The International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Green Architecture 05 (SEGA-05): Smart Technologies and Built Environment follow the four successful previous meetings
(SEGA-01/ INTA-SEGA-02/ SEGA-03/ SEGA-04) which were held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Today the development of smart technologies and its wide applications in daily activities and at different levels including buildings, industries, communications, and renewable energies
offer new perspectives to the promotion of Sustainable Built Environment and Green Energy
and the need to preserve the balance of nature. Healthy indoor air quality, intelligent devices, wireless applications and the efficient use of energy are receiving increased interest worldwide.
Smart technologies are expected to alleviate climate change impact through innovative designs and introduction of smart energy-saving home appliances. The SEGA-05 will provide an excellent International forum for innovative and knowledge platforms sharing results in theory, methodology and applications of sustainable energy in green architecture and eco-buildings and industries. The conference looks for significant contributions to all major fields of the sustainable built development and sustainability pathways. The conference will feature a wide range of themes, focusing on smart technologies, sustainable energy and green architecture, case studies on eco-buildings, smart use of materials and resources, renewable energy sources or energy efficient non-renewable sources, natural resources conservation and preservation for
eco-buildings and industries, environmental policy, engineering and technological management, innovative and ideas driven for sustainability strategy formulation both in normative and logical perspectives, new techniques improving indoor thermal comfort and air quality and so on.

The SEGA-05 will be held at Bangkok, Thailand, on September 27-29, 2016. Please take the time to check on important dates, and keep yourself up to date on recent changes